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.stop, hey, what's that sound?.

.everybody look what's goin' down.

[.for what it's worth.]
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commentary on life, media, politics, and anything else that may find it's way into my crazy mind.
.let the music do the talking.
The journal is where I, Nikki/love_rockerkid will post all of my media-related commentary. Book, film, music reviews will be common here; they are, of course, solely my opinion and I realize that I am no expert on any of those subjects, nor will I ever pretend I am or that my opinions are anything more than simply that - opinions, not fact. I like to leave my thoughts somewhere, however, which is why I have this journal. On that note, a lot of my posts will just be random thoughts on the aforementioned media, so read them with a grain of salt.

There may also be some political posts. If so, they will most likely be few and far between. However, I will say that I am a bleeding heart, die-hard liberal Democrat, so any political posts will be coming from that standpoint. I will not apologize for that, but I will say that I don't wish to purposefully offend anyone.

Feel free to join if you want; this journal is public. I also have another community for my fictional writing, colouredxchaos. That one is semi-public; because I've had my work stolen, a lot of it is now kept to members only, but membership is open to all. My personal journal is private and I only add people I know.

.with a pinch of rock and a dose of roll, I can warm you up if you get too cold.
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